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10 New Years’ Resolutions for your Business 2023

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10 New Year’s Resolutions for your Business!

If you want to give your business a fresh start in 2023, consider adopting some of these resolutions. Reflect on the daily and long-term issues you want to resolve and how you can create more effective habits to tackle them. Additionally, consider which major projects will have the most significant impact on your business.

1. Learn to Outsource and Delegate

Outsourcing tasks that are not core to your business can improve efficiency, productivity, and work-life balance. It can also bring benefits such as cost savings, access to specialised expertise, and the ability to focus on core competencies in 2023. If done correctly, outsourcing can be a win-win situation, allowing your business to grow and succeed while also providing opportunities for other companies or individuals. 

To get started with outsourcing, identify the work you want to outsource and research potential partners with the necessary skills and resources. This new year, negotiate a contract outlining the scope of the work, timelines, and other terms, and communicate the changes to your team. Regularly review the outsourcing arrangement to ensure it is meeting your business needs.

2. Trust in Technology

In order to improve efficiency and reduce the need for manual labour, businesses should consider using automation opportunities as a New Years’ Resolution. This involves identifying tasks or processes that can be streamlined or automated using technology. Common areas for automation include data entry, invoicing, scheduling, and customer service. 

By automating these tasks, businesses can benefit from increased efficiency and productivity, cost savings, improved accuracy, greater scalability, and increased competitiveness. Automation can also help businesses to reduce labour costs and quickly scale up or down as needed. Overall, searching for automation opportunities can help businesses to streamline their operations and stay competitive in 2023’s market.

3. Get a Website

It is important for businesses to have a website to take advantage of the numerous benefits it can provide, such as increased sales, audience growth, brand recognition, and customer service. Even if you don’t sell products online, a website can help customers find you through search engines, showcase your work, and provide contact information. A website is a valuable asset that can improve your online presence and reach. 

It can help to establish your business as a credible and trustworthy organisation. With a website, you have control over the content and design and can make updates and changes as needed. A website is also an affordable marketing tool that can help you to reach a large audience without incurring significant costs. Read our blog to discover all the benefits of having a website.

4. Refresh your Business and Marketing Plan

Updating your business or marketing plan involves reviewing and revising your strategies and goals in order to stay relevant and competitive. To do this, you should first assess whether your current plan is still aligned with your business goals and the needs of your customers. Gather data on your customers, competitors, and market trends to inform your decision-making, and then review and analyse your current plan to identify areas for improvement. 

Set new, specific goals and objectives, and develop strategies and tactics to achieve them. Allocate resources accordingly and implement and monitor your updated plan, to ensure that it is meeting your goals. By following these steps, you can effectively update your plan to stay competitive and achieve your desired outcomes in 2023.

5. Try to Increase your Networking

Networking can bring numerous benefits to small business owners, such as finding new opportunities, gaining new clients, obtaining valuable information, building professional relationships, and improving employee skills. In 2023, make a resolution to attend networking events and join a business organization or networking group. You can find events using a service like Eventbrite or look for online groups dedicated to a particular type of business. 

Approach networking events with a strategy and try to make a new connection weekly or monthly to improve your chances of finding a new business lead, learning valuable trade intel, or creating a strong professional relationship. Scheduling networking like any other ‘to-do’ can help make it a priority and revitalise your business.

6. Drop What Doesn’t Work

In 2023, it’s important for business owners to regularly assess what is and isn’t working in their business and make necessary changes. This may involve cutting underperforming products or services, streamlining processes, or eliminating unproductive tasks. It may also involve letting go of employees who aren’t meeting expectations or aren’t a good fit for the company. These tough decisions can be challenging, but they’re necessary in order to move the business forward and free up resources. 

Not all products, sales methods, or suppliers will be a good fit for every business. If something isn’t working, it’s important to let it go and move on. Don’t waste time and energy trying to make something unworkable work. By dropping what isn’t working, businesses can focus on what is most important for their success.

7. Increase your Output on Socials

It is essential for businesses to have a strong presence on social media in order to reach and engage with their target audience. By creating profiles on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, businesses can increase brand awareness and build relationships with customers. To get the most out of social media, businesses should develop a clear strategy and set specific goals, such as creating a content calendar and identifying the most relevant platforms for their business. 

Being active on social media, posting regularly and engaging with followers, can help drive traffic to websites, generate leads, and increase sales. In 2023, make a resolution to use social media daily to interact with customers, answer questions, and post engaging content. Utilise free social media scheduling tools to help manage your social media presence and focus on the platforms that are most effective for your business. Read our blog to discover all the benefits of posting on social media.

8. Start a Blog

Starting a blog for your business can be a great way to share valuable information with your audience, improve your website’s search engine optimization, and position yourself as an expert in your field. In order to get the most out of your business blog, it is important to update it regularly with high-quality, relevant content. This can help to improve your website’s search engine optimization (SEO) and position you as an expert in your field. It also gives you ongoing material for social media and allows you to connect with your customers on a deeper level. 

You don’t need to post every day – one well-written and informative post per week is sufficient. When deciding what to write about, consider what your customers would want to read as a consumer of your business. By regularly updating your blog with valuable content, you can attract and retain customers and establish yourself as a thought leader in your industry.

9. Increase Customer Service

Customer service is essential for businesses to retain customers and attract new ones. In fact, 93% of customers report that they are more likely to become repeat customers at companies that offer excellent customer service. 

It is important to identify any missteps in customer service in 2022 and outline how to avoid them in the future. At the same time, highlight what went well and how to build on those experiences in 2023. Listening to customer feedback and requests is crucial, and if customers ask for something that your business doesn’t currently offer, it may be worth considering how to bring that product or service to them.

10. Prioritise Company Culture

Creating a positive company culture is essential for small businesses to succeed because it can significantly impact the productivity and happiness of employees, as well as the overall success of the organization. When employees feel engaged and inspired at work, they are 125% more productive than those who are just “satisfied.” 

To build a strong company culture that values and supports your employees, consider surveying your staff to get their input on what changes they would like to see. Then work towards implementing those changes to reflect your business’s values and prioritize the needs of your staff. A company culture that prioritizes values such as collaboration, diversity, and inclusivity can also foster a more innovative and creative work environment. Make building a positive company culture a resolution in 2022 to create a positive and successful work environment for all employees.

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