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5 Mother’s Day marketing ideas.

Mother's Day Marketing Tips

5 Mother’s Day marketing ideas.

Now’s the time to start preparing for Mothers’ Day. Be sure to pencil in Sunday 19th March on your calendar!

This special day offers a great opportunity for businesses to generate more sales and bookings, and increase their March profits. Here are 5 ideas to get you started…

Gift card promotions

Gift cards never go a miss for any special occasion. Especially for mums who are difficult to shop for, they can be the perfect present. This way, she is guaranteed to get something she would actually like. They are also extremely convenient for customers who leave things until the last minute. Special offers on gift vouchers will go down a treat, for example, “Buy a £100 gift voucher and get £20 off/ or get a £20 gift voucher for yourself”. This way you will attract more than one consumer at once increasing your sales.

Promotions for two

This is a great time to boost promotions for two. Experiences, dinners, and beauty treatments, for example, with mother and daughter/son deals, or deals for couples. Even gifts for a mother and the mother-in-law will kill two birds with one stone, making life easier for the consumer. If you promote your offers in this way, again you will attract more than one customer and they will feel they are getting great value for money. Similarly, rather than offering promotions for two at once, it could be offering the second time with money off, encouraging repeat sales.

Instagram Competition

Social media will be your best friend at this time. It allows you to not only display what you have on offer but can help you to bring in new customers rapidly. An Instagram giveaway offering an opportunity to win a ‘perfect Mother’s Day gift’ will help to expand your reach and clientele. Using reposts, tags, shares, likes and comments to allow people to ‘enter’ will really help to increase your reach and thus, awareness of the brand.

Display what you have to offer!

Create a gift guide or list of ‘things to do’ on Mother’s Day. Sending out a personalised newsletter listing inclusive options is a great way to show what you have to offer. Even using special discounts and promotions makes people more likely to shop with you. Compile a newsletter or blog with announcements and options for Mother’s Day. Your consumers will appreciate the easiness of the information being put in front of them and allow them to shop with ‘exclusive’ offers.

Promote repeat sales/bookings

A great way to influence repeat customers is by sending a gentle reminder to past customers that Mother’s Day is approaching. If they have no future bookings or haven’t shopped with you in a while, let them know that now is a good time to treat their mother or mother-in-law, for example. Do consider, however, that this often does not require a discount as usually, all it will take is that small push if they were previously a happy customer!

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