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A Reflection on March – Grazia NFTs for Ukraine


A Reflection on March

  March has been an extremely exciting month at WebHD. This is mostly due to working with SmartXchange and Grazia on our first NFT launch. There has been a huge amount of hard work put in for the build-up of these NFTs, ensuring everything ran smoothly for launch day. Due to the revenue of the NFTs going towards the Francesca Rava Foundation, to provide aid to the women and children of Ukraine, this also came with a lot of added pressure.

  At this heart-breaking and terrifying time of injustice for Ukraine, the artwork aims to portray the values of freedom and equality, principles on which the building blocks of Grazia are built. The extremely talented, young artist Bianca Cedrone was asked to create 10 unique NFTs representative of these values, accompanied by the amazing compositions of Giovanni Allevi.

Explanation of NFTs

   An NFT stands for a non-fungible (not interchangeable) token. They can be anything digital but currently, digital art is where the most excitement and popularity are at. NFTs have distinct records of identity, meaning they cannot be mishandled, altered, deleted, or stolen. They have qualities and benefits we are only just beginning to comprehend and differ from traditional investments.

   NFTs are gaining a lot of popularity due to the fact they are highly efficient, for both collectors and for creators. It goes hand in hand with the trend of things becoming more remote. The transaction eliminates all the mediators, it is a straightforward digital process.

   Similar to the concept of how coins are created, NFTs are ‘minted’ once they have been created. This is the process of turning a digital item into an asset on the blockchain. Due to its widely accepted token standards, most NFTs are created on the Ethereum blockchain as it is highly composable and interoperable. These NFTs used an add-on called Polygon which resolves many of the issues found within the Ethereum network. It is extremely popular and the demand for it is increasing making it a great time to invest. It is highly scalable and known as the ‘Eco-Friendly’ blockchain as it is hundreds of times better for the environment in terms of carbon footprint.  

Interested in the NFTs?

   By reaching out to the Grazia audience, these NFTs can provide hope for so many. Similarly, as the audience are predominantly female, it demonstrates to women everywhere that this form of self-promotion and marketing is more than possible. We at WebHD, are so proud to be part of such a ground-breaking NFT collection. The Grazia NFTs can NOW be purchased on the platform.

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