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Effective Ways to Protect your Business – Improve your Password Security.

password security

Effective Ways to Protect your Business

Improve your Password Security

   For every business, password security should be at the top of the list of priorities. Strong passwords are vital for keeping your organisation’s and your customer’s data secure. If someone with malicious intent gets their hands on your ‘key passwords’ they can have full reign over your bank accounts, emails and thus, your confidential and sensitive data. Here are some tools to help your business protect its customers and staff.

   Up the complexity of your passwords. Don’t use personal details to make them more memorable, the key is to make sure your password is challenging to get. One of the common ways hackers gain access to your data is by logging into your online systems. The most common way hackers guess passwords is by using previous passwords that have already been compromised by another data breach or an employee.

   One of the best ways to overcome this is to use a password generator, these usually include non-sequential symbols, numbers, and upper and lowercase letters. Similarly, it is important that you use different passwords for all your accounts. Social media, email, and bank accounts, for example – all platforms should have completely different passwords. If not, the hacker won’t just get into one system, they can get into them all which could be disastrous for your organisation. Never reuse a password, it makes it far too easy for hackers.

   Change your passwords periodically. Every trimester, for example, set a reminder to update your passwords. If your data is extra sensitive, be extra safe, and do this monthly.  Password reset links can be sent in an email to all staff so everyone can cooperate. Educating staff about these risks and reminding them to log-off systems when they are not using them can make all the difference too.

   Don’t store your passwords in an obvious place. Although it can be difficult to remember all the different passwords, you can’t accumulate and keep them anywhere vulnerable. It is possible to download password-storing applications, but it may even be safer to write them down the old-fashioned way. This being said, make sure you do so in an area away from your systems.

   To further improve password security, ensure software and anti malware software are always up to date to detect any system vulnerability. At WebHD, we offer website maintenance for just £30 PCM. This includes a weekly backup; we will update files/ plugins and WordPress. We will monitor security issues with SiteGround and restore these issues if necessary. It pays to invest in a good website and maintenance scheme.

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