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Digital Marketing Bolton - What we can do for you.

Marketing Experts

Social Media and Digital Marketing, Bolton and Greater Manchester – at WebHD. Whether it’s getting your site listed on Google, Bing, or Yahoo or raising your online footprint, we can help you achieve that with our different service levels.

Social Media

   Every business needs a social media presence, small or large. It is an essential part of any marketing strategy. Posting regularly will help you connect with your customers, drive traffic to your website, increase your brand awareness and in turn, increase sales. We can create a solid digital marketing plan to distribute engaging content that displays your brand personality, drives and exactly what experience you’re selling. Giving your customer a snapshot of the things that happen behind the scenes will make you appear more transparent and trustworthy.

   Engagement on social media is growing daily. Nowadays billions of people are using it and this is exactly why you should be marketing your business on these platforms. WebHD can create content for Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter. These are the most valuable platforms for displaying your desired brand image and creating a community of followers. We can also create short clips for your stories, this is known as ‘digestible content. Stories are a more continuous form of content, without clogging your feed. This continuation will engage customers and boost the visibility of your business.

   As well as creating content for your socials, we can manage your direct messages and comments to increase communication between you and your customer. We can provide support, and information, listen to feedback and ensure they’re happy. This will increase customer satisfaction, as customers will feel heard, rather than just taking part in a transaction. As a result, your credibility and simultaneously customer loyalty will increase. You can be in complete control of your product, and we can take care of all the added extras of running a business. If you haven’t already, read our blog on why social media will benefit your business.


   Blogs are the best way to connect with your audience. They are an essential asset for helping to deliver your message loud and clear to readers. A study shows 81% of customers trust information from blogs when they want to be informed about specific information. By having a weekly/ fortnightly blog, you are allowing your customers to learn more about you and what kind of services you provide, or what goals you follow. Digital Marketing provides long-term results if it is consistent and is useful not only for the customer but other businesses, you will be seen as an industry leader.  

   We can create high-quality blogs that will address any concerns that customers may have about your product. This will be done by putting in the time to research the benefits and uses of it, and answering any frequently asked questions. Another type of blog could be giving customers free advice which people appreciate. Your company does not solely come across as a business but more of a service. It is also a place where we can post updates about your industry to keep readers informed and attract new customers. Research has found that almost 80% of businesses that use blogging will acquire customers through it. We’re able to create blogs to have a call-to-action button, and this will drive the traffic to make a purchase.

   The benefits of blogs are unrivalled. They build social proof and value rich content that can be directly transferred to your social media content.  Not only this, but they are an excellent asset to your Search Engine Optimisation (SEO – see below). If you have a regularly updated blog with relevant topics, it can make a huge difference to how your website performs in search engines. This will result in an increase in your visibility and website traffic. Here are some examples of our blogs, Example 1, Example 2, you can also click here to view our blogs which provide you with free advice!

Newsletters/ Email Campaigns

   Many people believe email newsletters are outdated however, they can be a very valuable component of digital marketing. Ignoring them can restrict your growth massively. Allowing us to send a weekly email to your audience means we can get significant information about your brand or product across to your customer base, as well as other news which may interest your reader. Advertisements are not enough to generate sales, and socials don’t have a broad enough outlook of what you have to offer. Likewise, in emails, we can embed helpful links or give visuals making it easy to read and in turn increase sales.

   Special offers and big announcements will capture the readers’ interests, and this will encourage them to jump into the content and learn more. Emails also have a much more personable feel about them. This will build customers’ confidence in you that you are tailoring a service to them specifically. Sending newsletters at regular intervals, weekly, fortnightly, or even monthly will help you to maintain strong relationships with your customers. If you have a short description and link to your newsletter on your website, this could enhance your target audience and you will quickly build up ‘subscribers’.

   We often get flooded with hundreds of emails and so making relevant content is extremely important to us. We understand that your subscribers will be wanting up-to-date and educational information, keeping up with industry trends and topics. We’re able to create engaging designs for your emails with your brand image and personality in mind. You will appear professional and have well-informed customers.


   Search Engine Optimization is another worthwhile way to attract traffic to your website. The need for SEO is at an all-time high as most people now use the internet to find anything. Organic search is more often than not, the primary source of traffic. It does not only increase your overall visibility and searchability, but it builds up the trust of your customer. Effective user experience directly translates into your credibility. Customers want to find the desired information in as few clicks as possible.

   Having a constantly re-evaluated SEO strategy implemented into a website and its properties will help you to keep ahead of the competition. For example, videos, and images. SEO tactics are constantly being updated and we can proactively monitor this and help to stop you from falling behind. A good ranking is invaluable, and SEO will help to build long-term equity for your business. It is more of an investment rather than a cost. 

  We know that the only way to offer quality SEO is to fully understand the brand and everything you stand for. This is what is going to make you thrive and create opportunities for sales. Browsing online is a concept that’s here to stay. SEO is not going anywhere which is why it’s so critical to a brand’s web presence.

Ongoing Maintenance

We offer the following packages all based around hours – we normally charge £45 per hour – but for our retained maintenance customers we have put together the following.

  • £30pcm we host – backup weekly and update theme files and plugins / WordPress and monitor security issues via Siteground and restore if any issues.
  • £60pcm is the same as above but with a dedicated 1 hour to any page updates post updates, sliders, etc.
  • £100pcm same as package 1 but now with 3 hours dedicated to anything regarding the website development including graphic updates
  • £150pcm same as above but now with 5 hours dedicated to your website.
  • £200pcm 6 hours dedicated to your website as above but now includes SEO and content reviews.